BIRTHDAY PARTIES for Kids or Adults!

Celebrate your special day by choosing a fun project to create with your friends!

For child birthday parties there are a few project ideas to choose from for different age groups! The most popular project is memory wire bracelets or necklaces. We also offer elastic or strung bracelets or necklaces. (different costs may apply)

$50 deposit must be received at the Bead Hive at least two weeks prior to the event.

$15 per child when we provide bowls of thousands of color coordinated beads to pick from

You provide the food and drinks with the approval of the teacher.

The Open Studio at the Bead Hive

A destination for Novice & Expert Beaders!

Come in with your jewelry ideas and use our materials to create the perfect piece for yourself! Whether you need jewelry to match your bridesmaid dresses or a pair of earrings for your new look, we are here to help!

If you do not wish to make your jewelry that’s ok too! We will gladly assemble your new piece for you while you wait or have it ready for you to pick up later.

Either way, you will end up with a beautifully finished piece, made or designed by you with the guidance of professional artists and jewelry designers.

Jewelry/Beaded Object Repairs

Tired of always looking at that box of broken jewelry? Inherit some beaded pieces that need some TLC or you would like redesigned? Bought some jewelry that you thought you would wear, but never did? Bring it to us and we will fix or rework your piece! We are always here to help you with your beaded jewelry. However, we are not only limited to jewelry, but can repair beaded objects, as well. In the past we have worked on beaded bowls, scarves, handbags, and assisted in giving dresses a little more sparkle!

General costs:

Re-stringing $1.00/inch plus the cost of materials

Knotting $2.00/inch plus the cost of materials.

Other Objects: prices vary- please bring in your item for a quote.

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Here at The Bead Hive we offer a variety of services from birthday parties, to custom jewelry design, to jewelry repairs. Please read below for more information on each service!